Manufacture and assembly of metal structures and industrial machinery

Our commitment

Our most important value focuses on our workforce. Our production, administration, technical, procurement and sales departments, and the specialists involved in each project we carry out, are committed to the company’s future.

Ferrotec Differentiation


We have a qualified workforce committed to a job well done, quality and attention to detail, offering the utmost precision. Differentiation is one of our strengths.

Ferrotec Comprehensive service

Comprehensive service

We are committed to offering a comprehensive service from product development to delivery to the customer, handling the purchasing of raw materials, laser cutting, product processing, assembly and finishing

Ferrotec Personalised service

Personalised service

The aspect that most differentiates us is quality of service in terms of flexible manufacture, personalised service and quality. We always adapt to our customers' needs. All this is a great competitive advantage recognised by our main customers.

Sheet laser cutting

At our facilities we perform laser cutting for iron, stainless steel and aluminium sheets. All our items are labelled with reference numbers for correct handling internally and externally by the customer.

Pipe laser cutting

Pipe laser cutting is the perfect tool for the manufacture of frames for the various sectors with which we work, providing precision and minimising production times.


At Ferrotec Cinca we have the latest folding technology from Amada, with Bluetooth® angle correction and 3D touchscreen AMNC control. The workbench has instantaneous reactive compensation for repetitive precision.

Robotic welding

Automated robotic welding increases the efficiency of welding processes, allowing us to manufacture more items in less time, thus minimising cost and increasing quality.


At Ferrotec Cinca we have specialists in precision boilermaking, a large team qualified in welding different materials. We have the following welding processes: TIG, MAG, MIG.


Threading, countersinking, inserts, bolts, galvanising, paint, etc.

Measurement and geometrical alignment

This system can be used to perform all of the most common geometrical measurements. It allows us to manufacture quality frames for various sectors. Measurement is fast and precise.

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